Portuguese food...

Portuguese food is almost mediterranic, but with a twist, because we have brought new ingredients from the Americas, India, Japan and  China since the 15 th Century. Our food is very tipical and even different from the Spanish, even though we have the moorish influence as well, we have Celtic influence, just imagine that the Irish stew is almost alike our Ensopado de Borrego from Beja. It is a gastronomy to be discovered by many around the world because , stiil, we are not so good in marketing ourselves and our products and our uniqueness. Many Chefs around the world have tried the real gastronomy from Portugal, but to replicate it truly one has to be portuguese at heart, and that is not so easy, because we do not prize gold as much as we prize love and friendship, our goals are, most of the times, to cook with love more than with advanced technics, but we are managing to join both as we learn it and try to apply it to our gastronomy. If you search, you will find our culinary touch around the world, try to find out where does tempura comes from, or vindaloo, search and you will find much more. And here we have it all still, but you have to look for it, it is not every where. Thank you for asking, so much more to say but i leave it for my future restaurant, if i ever manage to have one !

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